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Mexico Wildlife

Mexico wildlife is full of diversity. The tropical forests of Mexico are home to several rare species of flora and fauna. One fourth of the total landmass in Mexico is covered with dense forest. The climatic diversity adds to the natural beauty of the Mexican territory.
Mexico is blessed with endless natural treasure. The record of the World Forestry Institute says that Mexico features 1.3 percent of the total woodland in the world. The lush greenery all over the Mexican landmass makes it a paradise for the nature lovers.

Flora in Mexico

Oak and pine plants can be found abundance in all states of Mexico. Among the other varieties of vegetation, zapote, mahogany, fir, ebony, rosewood, cacao and ceiba are worth mentioning. Mexico also offers a wide variety of flowering trees to charm visitors. Tourists rush to the flower valleys of Mexico, like a swarm of bees to enjoy the glittering colors and fragrance of orchids, frangipani and bougainvillea.

Fauna in Mexico

The Mexican tropical forests are dream-come-true for all wildlife enthusiasts. The wildlife tours take the travelers through the jungles of Mexico. As the travelers proceed through the Mexican woodlands, jaguars, snakes, pumas, wolves, iguanas, tapirs, axolotl and lynx come on their way.

Mexico wildlife offers enough to attract the birdwatchers across the world. Tourists will come across a wide variety of colorful birds that sing in different melodious tunes in the forests of Mexico. Flamingos, parrots, toucans, humming birds are some of those beautiful creatures that can be found in plenty within the lush greenery of Mexico.