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Mexico Passport

Mexico passport is the travel document required by a Mexican citizen if one wishes to travel abroad. The type of passports in Mexico varies according to the status of the Mexican citizens.
The Personal Passport is issued to all the ordinary traveling citizens. These trips include the vacations and business reasons. The Diplomatic Passport is issued to the diplomats of Mexico and the top ranking government officials and diplomatist couriers. The Official Passport is issued to citizens corresponding to the Mexican government or traveling on official business.

The Mexican passport looks like a dark green card with the symbol of Mexican Coat of Arms in the middle of the front cover and the country's official name inscribed on it, "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" which means United Mexican States in English. The word "PASAPORTE" is seen below this logo and "MEXICO" above the logo.

To avail the Mexican passport, the requirements are:
  • One passport size photo of the passport holder
  • Type of passport
  • Country code which is written in abbreviated form as MEX
  • Passport Number
  • Surnames of both Father and Mother's initiative name
  • Nationality of the holder
  • Sex
  • Personal ID Number after the initials CURP
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Date of issue of the passport
  • Authority, that is assigning the passport
  • Date of expiration of the passport issued
  • Electronic Bar Code will be provided
  • Hologram picture in the position of center-right
  • The information page at the last after the Machine Readable Zone.
The requirements for Mexico passport and the international norms should be made clear by the applicant before he plans to go outside his home country.