TV Azteca Mexico

TV Azteca Mexico features among the largest television networks of Mexico. Mexico TV Azteca was initially known as the Instituto Mexicano de la Television. TV Azteca of Mexico was founded in the second half of the twentieth century.
Ricardo Salinas Pliego laid the foundation of TV Azteca Mexico. Formerly it was under the ownership of the State. Following the privatization process, the broadcast television channel was christened TV Azteca. There are two stations that are run by TV Azteca in Mexico. These two stations are Azteca 7 and Azteca 13. Both these stations cover almost the entire country.

TV Azteca Mexico produces several television programs, which have garnered a large audience base. Some of the well known programs include Chiflando y Aplaudiendo, Depor TV, Va Gue Va, El Rival Mas Debil, La Academia, Henchos, Lo que callamos las mujeres, Los Protagonistas, Famosos en Jaque, Mientras Haya Vida, Se Busca Un Hombre, Venga la alegria, Ventaneando, La vida es una cancion. Henchos was perhaps one of the most popular shows telecasted by TV Azteca. Henchos was a news program that was aired on Channel thirteen of Mexico. La Academia, which signifies The Academy, is another popular television program aired on TV Azteca. This is a reality show that dominates the time slot during which it is telecasted. Se Busca un Hombre is a television show in Spanish language. A soap opera, it revolves around the story of a group of women, who are yet to find the right man.

TV Azteca Mexico in addition to the operating channels in the country runs Azteca 13 International. This reaches several countries in Southern and Central America. TV Azteca Mexico also has various subsidiaries, one being Azteca America, which is available in the United States of America.