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Saltillo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Mexican States. This capital city of Coahuila State is famous for its historical structures and spectacular landscape.

The Mexico City is 869 kilometers away from the location of Saltillo. It is one of those Mexican cities that still retains the essence its traditional heritage. The city of Saltillo is placed at a height of 5,210 feet above the sea level. With its picturesque surroundings and diverse range of amusement options, Saltillo attracts innumerable visitors from different corners of the world.

Attractions in Saltillo

This ancient city of Mexico offers enough to explore. The soothing climatic conditions of Saltillo make it a preferred holiday destination among the vacationers. Getting around the narrow lanes and urban center of Saltillo is a great experience in itself.

The ancient monuments of Saltillo are considered among the architectural jewels of Mexico. With their baroque style architecture and limestone works, the historical monuments of Saltillo attract large number of visitors throughout the year.

The San Juan Nepomuceno Temple has been a prominent landmark of the city's landscape. The oil paintings and intricate metal carvings of this temple will surely add to your pleasure.

The Saltillo Cathedral is the finest example of baroque architectural style. With its Salomonic columns, marvelous paintings and gracefully designed interior, the Saltillo Cathedral is a must visit destination of this beautiful city in Mexico.

Other major tourist destinations of Saltillo are as follows:

  • El Casino de Saltillo
  • Nueva Tlaxacala Plaza
  • The Government Palace
  • The Plaza de Armas
  • San Esteban Temple
  • Vito Alessio Robles Cultural Center
  • Plaza Mexico Scenic Lookout
  • Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Sanctuary
  • San Francisco Temple
  • Teatro Garcia Carrillo Cultural Center
  • Ateneo Fuente

Accommodation in Saltillo

The accommodation establishments in Saltillo are designed to suit the requirements of both business and leisure travelers. Sheraton Ambassador Hotel, Saltillo, Holiday Inn Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo Fiesta Inn and Quinta Real Saltillo are some of the top-class hotels in Saltillo.