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Capital of Mexico

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico boasts some of the chief universities, magnificent museums, popular theatres, art centers and scholarly magazines and news papers. The latitudinal location and the altitude are responsible for the city’s favorable climate.
The city experiences a moderate climate with an annual temperature of 16 degree Celsius. Mexico City receives adequate amount of rainfall from the months of June to October.

Mexico City History

Set on the remains of Tenochtitlán, Mexico City has witnessed lots of ups and downs. Tenochtitlán, the capital of Azetc had an advanced society. During the beginning of the 16th century Mexico was invaded by the Spanish. Within few years Mexico City became the contemporary urban center with a flourishing economy. Mexico saw the dawn of independence in 1820.It was also acknowledged the capital of Mexico. The city went through a rapid phase of development in the 20th century. The rural and backward areas were riveted by the metropolitan areas.

Mexico City Government

Mexico City comes under the authority of the Federal Districts of the country. The state and city government departments of the Mexico City are looked after by the Federal Districts.

Mexico City Attractions

The extravagant buildings and the scenic beauty of the city is a dream come true for the outsiders. Zócalo in Mexico is the prime location for the major public ceremonies and military performances. All the Independence Day celebrations take place with great pomp and show in this place. No less important, the Almada Park features tree-lined walks made in 1592.The Park is surrounded by Palace of Fine Arts which belongs to the 19th century. Apart from these the city has a number of popular theatres, shrines, bascillas and archaeological sites.

Capital of Mexico is the pride of the country.