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National Anthem

Mexico National Anthem represents the cultural heritage and the traditional aspects of the Mexican Republic.

It was on 9th February 1854 that the national anthem in Mexico was used for the first time. The first public performance of the Mexico national anthem was made on 15th September 1854 to celebrate the occasion of Fiestas Patrias. However, this famous musical composition received official recognition in the year 1943.

Renowned Mexican lyricist, Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra, composed the lyrics of Mexico national anthem. Jaime Nuno directed the music of national anthem of Mexico. It is considered among the finest musical compositions of all time. With its great lyrics, the anthem of Mexico has added to the spirits of the Mexican freedom fighters. It is played in all national events in Mexico. Natives prefer to sing the national anthem in chorus.

The lyrics of Mexico national anthem are as follows:

Mexicans, when the trumpet is calling,
Grasp your sword and your harness assemble.
Let the guns with their thunder appalling
Make the Earth's deep foundations to tremble.
Let the guns with their thunder appalling
Make the Earth's deep foundations to tremble.

May the angel divine,
O dear Homeland,
Crown the brow with the olive branch of peace;
For they destiny, traced by God's own hand
In the heavens, shall ever increase
But should ever the proud foe assail thee,
And with insolent foot profane they ground,
Know, dear Country, thy sons shall not fail thee,
Ev'ry one thy soldier shall be found,
They soldier ev'ry one shall be found.

Blessed Homeland, the children have vowed them
If the bugle to battle should call,
They will fight with the last breath allowed them
Till on thy loved alters they fall.
Let the garland of olive thine be;
Unto them be deathless fame;
Let the laurel of victory be assigned thee,
Enough for them the tomb's honored name.