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Office Depot Mexico

Office Depot Mexico is a brand name in the domain of office stationeries. It was in the year 1986 that Office Depot, Inc. started its operation in the global market. The first retail outlet of Office Depot was located in US state of Florida.
Since its inception, it has diversified its business in all areas of office related services and goods. There are innumerable retail stores of Office Depot all over the Mexican Territory. The retail and business solutions outlets of Office Depot Mexico are experiencing growing number of customers over the passage of time.

Products of Office Depot Mexico

The products of Office Depot Mexico are popular for their stylish getup and affordable rates. Whatever be the type of your office stationary related needs, the outlets of Office Depot Inc. never disappoints. The folios, agendas, pens and notebooks are some of the best selling products of Office Depot Mexico. It also offers different types of wrapping papers, lap desks, decorative materials and arts and crafts items.

Features of Office Depot Mexico

Besides the retail outlets, Office Depot Mexico also offers the opportunities of online shopping for its innumerable domestic and international customers. From the website of the company, customers can have the complete list of the office stationeries available in Office Depot Inc. Retail stores of Office Depot Mexico come with an extensive range of office machineries like software, printer, computer system, office furniture and many more.

The contact details of the global division of Office Depot Mexico are as follows:

Office Depot de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Juan Salvador Agraz 101, Col. Santa Fe, Mexico DF, Mexico