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Mexico Import and Export

Mexico import and export play a crucial role in influencing the economy of the United Mexican States. With its diverse range of exportable products, Mexico has always been a prominent player in the global export market.
In order to diversify the domain of export and import related services, Mexico has entered into the prestigious North American Free Trade Agreement. This free trade agreement has brought about a sea change in Mexico import and export.

Mexico Import

With a total population of more than 100 million, Mexico has emerged as one of the largest importers of consumer durables in the international market. The domestic market in Mexico offers ample opportunities for the global investors. The import items in Mexico are mostly used in engineering, health care, power sector, agriculture, education, automotive and infrastructural development of this North American republic.

Mexico Export

Mexico has substantial contribution in the global export market. The exportable items of Mexico have huge market demand for their good quality and affordable price tags. Alcoholic drinks, seafood, tropical fruits, coffee and fresh vegetables are some of the best selling export products of Mexico. Among the other export items of Mexico pharmaceutical and chemical products, furniture, electrical products, electronics gadgets, textiles and plastic goods are worth mentioning.

The favorable terms of trade makes the Mexico import and export a profitable venture both for the domestic and international investors. Export items of Mexico contribute a major share of the country’s total foreign exchange earnings. The export processing zones and the export sectors of Mexico also provide employment to a major section of the Mexican labor force.